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"Two decades and the School Tours are still a huge asset in the community. I love the effects it had on myself over the years. It allowed me to build a platform to share my passion with the youth, who in turn, returned the love to me over the years. Now seeing a new generation continuing the movement, I couldn't be more proud of my OG Houston Alexander. 

I highly encourage all parents, teachers, administration, etc to contact them and bring this experience to your child's/student's school. Most of you were able to experience it while you were being educated in the public school system. Myself, being a product of OPS as well as now being employed by them, I see the effects of this connection it has on the youth. Music, Dance, & Art...... you'd be amazed how far that can take an individual."  - Antwuan LaMont, Community Events Specialist, The Hope Center for Kids, February 3, 2019

"I knew Houston Alexander was doing great things in the community and for young people via social media, but I had no idea what was in store for Kellom Elementary when I reached out and asked him to lead an assembly for the students.


His Culture Shock School Tour provided an exciting, interactive, and educational opportunity that served every student, from Early Childhood to 6th grade. For students to learn the true origins of Hip Hop culture, what it is about, and to actually celebrate Hip Hop was empowering.


Furthermore, it was an opportunity for students to see someone from their own community who has put forth the discipline and dedication to be successful in multiple arenas. Children were able to see a tremendous example of following one's passion and giving back to the community.


The impact of this experience on our students will assuredly be significant; leading to their own pursuit of passion and contribution to others."  - Jaclyn Gibbons, K-1 Instructional Coach, Kellom Elementary, February 18, 2019

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