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Houston Alexander brings Culture Shock S

In 2003, Houston Alexander created the Culture Shock School Tour. In partnership with principals, teachers, & volunteers, Houston visits K-12 schools & colleges in the Omaha metropolitan area and teaches the history of hip-hop through music, dance, and art.

To date, we have hosted approximately 450 tours over the past fifteen years and the program continues strong, averaging between 20-40 school tours each year. Under the Houston Alexander Foundation, the Culture Shock School Tour has visited eight schools and reached more than 5,000 youth. In today’s world where hip hop dominates our everyday culture, teaching its history and fundamentals through interactive music, dance, and art impacts students, teachers, and our community in positive ways.

We are gearing up to expand the tour to more schools throughout Nebraska, the Midwest region, and across the country.

Power 106.9 - Culture Shock School Tour
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