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Houston Alexander 

Board Chair & President

Houston “The Assassin” Alexander is one of the most unique competitors in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) today. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, Houston has competed in the UFC, Primus Fighting Championship, Bellator’s Light Heavyweight division, Shark Fights, the RFS, KSW, and Adrenaline MMA. A professional competitor since 2001 and a noted slugger, Alexander began his career with a 6-1-0-1 record, which included five strike-related finishes. 

In the UFC®, Alexander made his iconic debut by defeating top UFC® light heavyweight contender, Keith Jardine, in 48 seconds. After Jardine, Houston clinched another impressive first round TKO victory over Alessio Sakara.

Outside the cage, Alexander exudes all forms of hip hop. A notable b-boy and street artist, he led and toured with hip hop groups and coalitions in the 1980s and 1990s, including the Midwest Alliance, Beyond and Alliance All-Star Bboys & Bgirls, and the Scribble Crew, where he created community graffiti murals in North Omaha. He also hosted “Tuesday Night Titans,” a weekly rap battle, which led to Houston’s creation of the record label, Hustle Music. He has since been involved with Omaha’s underground and independent hip hop scene – keeping up with his lifelong love of music as a local DJ and on-air talent at Omaha’s Power 106.9 FM and hosting the Neighborhood Watch show.


Houston currently stars on the Omaha Live comedy television show. Currently registered with Star Agency, he has been featured on a variety of movies, television, radio, and magazines over the years, such as Vengeance with Danny Trejo, Key & Peele, ESPN’s Sports Science, Matt Tompkins Radio Show on local News Talk 1290 AM, Todd N Tyler on Z-92 FM, The Source, Men’s Health, XXL, and Lugz.

A beloved community leader, Mr. Alexander is passionate about giving back. He currently serves as Board Chair & President of the Houston Alexander Foundation, whose mission provides educational programs to the youth through education, culture, exercise, and community, most notably the Culture Shock School Tour. Over the past two decades, he has partnered with Omaha Public Schools, Nebraska Loves Public Schools, Urban League’s Fatherhood Program, YMCA, Collective for Youth, DREAM, Boys & Girls Club, Edmonson Youth, Madd Dadds, Luther Family Services, Brothers of the Midwest Guardians, Black Police Officers Association of Omaha, CW Boxing Club, Points of Light, and various esteemed organizations to speak about leadership to the youth. A true believer in fitness and wellness, Houston also provides free personal training and self-defense classes to the Omaha community.

Houston is always quick to point out that no matter where his career takes him, his family always comes first. This was best exemplified when Houston donated one of his kidneys to his oldest daughter in 2001. 

Carmen Chang

Co-Founder, Board Treasurer & Interim Board Secretary 

Carmen joins with a background in organizing, politics, and government. Based in Los Angeles, she is currently leading statewide capacity building and campaign work in California after 10+ years in Washington DC, around the U.S., and abroad. In 2018, Carmen flipped a congressional House race in Los Angeles as Field Director. Prior to that, Ms. Chang was Nebraska's Organizing Director on the 2016 presidential campaign. She served in the Obama Administration from 2013-2016 at international development & finance agencies, the Peace Corps as an NGO & business advisor (Cameroon, 2010-2012), and worked on the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns in Nebraska and Virginia. She holds a Masters of Public Administration degree from George Mason University and bachelors in political science & global studies from UCLA.

Coach Joseph Baudler

Board Member

Joe Baudler grew up in rural southwest Iowa, focusing on athletics with an emphasis on football and wrestling.  After earning a bachelor's degree in college, Joe began a career in the criminal justice system - first in corrections, then law enforcement.  Seeing the real need for self defense in his chosen profession, he began martial arts training.  After seeing UFC 1, he was hooked on the sport of MMA as he found it to be the purest test of athletic performance, pushing the body and the spirit to one's limits.  As a coach, he has been blessed to assist athletes - from UFC 3 champion Steve Jennum, to UFC 103 competitor Jason Brilz - along with many others to reach their goals.

As coach to UFC vet Houston Alexander over the past seven years, the two have become more like brothers than training partners.  Coach Baudler is a former Omaha Police Officer who spent more than two decades working the streets of North Omaha focusing on issues related to gangs, drugs and violence. Both deeply understand the issues facing inner city youths of today and have a strong desire to make the future a better place for them. 

After retiring from the Omaha Police Department, Joe worked as a law enforcement professional for the U.S. military assisting the troops in Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) in Logar Providence, Afghanistan.  He currently serves as the Chief of Police in Ashland, Nebraska and continues to work with both amateur and professional fighters preparing to compete in MMA events around the world. He also serves as the president of the Ashland Rotary Club and is a current member of the Knights of Columbus.  He has been married to his wife for 31 years and has three daughters and two granddaughters.  Joe is honored to serve on the board of directors for his brother, Houston Alexander.   

Tricia Pugsley, aka DJ Shor-T

Board Member


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